Executive services in IT.
No full-time commitment.

Consider these questions…

Is your IT infrastructure more than 5 years old?
Are your telecom contracts blindly renewed?
Are IT projects unfinished and over budget?
Do you have several technology suppliers?
Is software licensing confusing and costly?
Are you uncertain about newer technologies?
Do you lack a 3 or 5 year plan?
If you answered YES to any of these questions then you may be suffering from IT anxiety!

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) brings valuable technology analysis, strategy and planning to any organization. However, most small and medium sized businesses don’t have the resources for a full time position. IT Support staff are often tasked with keeping existing systems working, rather than planning for the future.

goCIO provides you with part-time, interim and project based services to help you review your IT environment, create a roadmap, facilitate change and realize both short and long-term goals.

goCIO provides you with on demand executive services with no full-time commitment.

What we do
Our Clients have come from a variety of sectors: law firms, industry associations, industrial machinery, distribution, water purification, national political parties, non-profits, health and fitness, advertising and publishing, and more.
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You can also choose our Starter Consultation which provides you with an opportunity to meet and discuss the concerns and challenges you are facing.

Visit to your premises
One hour meeting with executives
One hour meeting with IT support staff (optional)
Written report within 2 weeks
Follow-up meeting to discuss results
No commitment
$1750 CAD (plus taxes)

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